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    Mobile phone:15555088666 13909600155
    Address:3#,GangKouCun,Tongcheng Town,TianChang City,Anhui Province
    E-Mail:xjq.155@163.com ghdq@ghdqkj.com

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        Anhui countries across electrical technology Co., LTD is located in beautiful and fertile pearl in the eastern anhui province-tianchang city, south meets the historical and cultural city in nanjing, east even yangzhou bay, tight better even highway, the traffic is convenient, information flow, provides for the development of superior conditions. The company is mainly engaged in the development, manufacture, sales instrument and apparatus, meter valves, electric wire and cable, cable bridge, low voltage distribution cabinets, optical fiber cable and other products, after  years of product structure adjustment, has formed instrument including heat resistance, thermocouples, two-metal thermometer, temperature transmitter, pressure gauge, pressure transmitter, intelligent digital display adjustment device, no paper recorder, level gauge, security gate, intelligent signal conditioning implement, temperature monitoring instrument far easton, dc power supply, flowmeter is integrated instrument, manual operators, flash alarm and etc series instrumentation products; Cable including power cables, high temperature silicon rubber, rubber set of cables, cable variable frequency cable, control cable please point open more

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